The studio opened in February 2001 with principal Natasha Williams. The studio’s motto is “Everyone Is Destined To Be A Star”. Today Natasha and her staff, Belinda Clark (assistant to the school and teacher) and Tara Fitzgerald (teacher), are still dedicated to helping each child achieve their dancing dream.

The studio caters for all ages in all dance styles – jazz, tap, classical ballet, contemporay, hip hop and song & dance.    

Dance Star Studio was the first studio in Rockhampton to give children at the age of 2 the opportunity to learn the love of dance. The class for this age is the tiny tots class and is always a popular class. Dance Star Studio also offers classes for adults in jazz and tap.  The studio also offers a special class for 5 year olds - the prima class. 

New classes for 2014 is an acrobatics class.   

The studio prides itself on all students having fun with dance yet still focusing on the essential technique to develop and further students’ dance abilities. Exam and private eisteddfod classes are such classes where children can extend themselves in dance and be taught the necessary skills involved to improve their technique and performance work.

Dance Star Studio in centrally located at 179 East Street, Inferno Building, Rockhampton - 1st and 2nd floors.  The studio is air-conditioned and has two dance studios. 

Dance classes for 2014 will commece on Saturday 1 February.  If you are after any information about the dance school please check the website or contact Natasha (details are on contact page)


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